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The Megalords

At the Drums : Justin Trouble

At the E-Bass : Messias Megalord

At the Guitar : Johny Bizarre (He is singing, too)
25.6.06 20:32

About Justin

He always was an outsider. Justin is 25 years old and he lives in California in the United States. He hasn't got a girlfriend, but 3 dogs. Everytime when he wants to be alone, he goes down to the beach with his dogs. He has a big tatoo on his back. He doesn't like seafood at all, but he loves fastfood. . Now he is megalord style: loud, proud & heavy!!!
25.6.06 20:50

About Messi

He is just 19 years old and grwed up in New York. Messi is very tall for his age. He always wears Truckercaps and skate shoes. He just eats fruit and vegetables. That isn't megalord style, but the rest of him is like this: loud, proud & heavy!!!
25.6.06 21:52

About Johny

Johny is 26 years old. He has rich parents, but he doesn't like them very much. He knows Justin since he was 12. They have always been good friends. He plays the guitar since he was nine. He is not very tall. Johny has got 3 pircings in his face: 1 in his mouth, 1 at his nose and 1 at the eye. His look and his character are megalord style: loud, proud & heavy!!!
25.6.06 21:13

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